Corbot Services

CorBot enhances the reentry preparedness of federal inmates by providing essential connectivity services. With access to web searches, email, and SMS, inmates can stay informed about societal developments, access educational resources, and sustain vital relationships. This comprehensive communication platform aids their social and psychological readiness, smoothing their transition back into the community.

  • Google
  • Web Links
  • Amazon
  • Wikipedia
  • Internet Movie Database
  • Stocks & Financial Markets
  • Cryptocurrency Trackers
  • News Channels
  • RSS Feeds
  • Song Lyrics
  • Weather
  • Horoscopes
  • Sports Lines
  • Sports Picks
  • ChatGPT
  • SMS / Texting
  • Email

Service Details


With Corbot, inmates can do Google searches and get back the top ten results, and then retrieve an all-text version of any website. Although an essential service for legal research, this feature is often used to find employment, housing, and educational resources for inmates prior to release


One of the only things inmates can actually have mailed in to them is books, and yet the prison systems provide no means for inmates to find books. With Corbot’s Amazon feature, inmates can look-up books by title, author, or genre and retrieve the price and description of each available book.


Corbot allows inmates to access the world’s go-to source for knowledge. We provide multi-page requests with full text directly from Wikipedia via the Corbot service, allowing inmates access to all of Wikipedia

SMS / Texting

Where Corrlinks forces family and friends to buy the Corrlinks app in order to receive a message notifications. Corbot enables inmates the ability to send and receive SMS text messages, and email, to and from anyone, and to conveniently manage their contacts via the Corbot service, while still complying with BOP policy.

OpenAI's ChatGPT

In addition to all our conversational services we offer direct access to ChatGPT to aid inmates in access to general knowledge as well as to assist them resume writing, and document preparation. All ChatGPT features are available through the inmate’s Corbot interface.

Alfred Requests

Alfred requests are when the client wants to search for something that is a bit more involved and cannot find the info via a regular search using the other options. Alfred requests are answered with a human response that tries to personally find the information for them versus the others which are automated searches by our system.